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Understanding and implementing CSRD risk assessments

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Understanding and implementing CSRD risk assessments

The Corporate Social Responsibility Directive (CSRD) and the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) require companies to address the negative consequences of climate change, i.e. climate risks

The ESRS E1 requires companies to conduct a robust climate risk assessment. To impart knowledge on this important topic, ClimatePartner offers an Online Deep Dive on the topic "Understanding and implementing risk analysis according to CSRD" as part of our CSRD Academy series. We provide an overview of the regulatory requirements, how to conduct a risk analysis and, most importantly, how you can leverage those insights for your company. 

This online event is aimed at sustainability managers and decision-makers who would like to gain insights into the CSRD and disclosure requirements for the area of climate change (ESRS E1). 

Participation is free of charge. 

The ClimatePartner online events address corporate climate action. For this reason, we ask for your understanding that we can only consider registrations with a company email address. 
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Friederike Nolting
Senior Sustainability Strategist

1 hour

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